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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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Late nineteenth century interior

Via LovedayLemon on Flickr

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Princess Hilda of Luxembourg. 1910s.

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Model wearing a pink wool suit by Pierre Cardin, 1959. Photo by Guy Arsac.

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Far away thoughts by Louis Emile Adan .

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Daphne Guinness at Alexander McQueen’s funeral 

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Schloss Hellbrunn, Austria (by weyerdk)

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San Marino by miky199  on Flickr.

The famous Fortress of Guaita, Monte Titano, was built in the 11th century and provides awesome views of San Marino.

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More Art Monday: Bastille Day

Happy July 14 to our French friends! As every French town is organizing its own ball to celebrate it and every woman is getting ready to be the most beautiful, discover the Museum’s collection of ball gowns and accessories. Which one would you chose to go dancing in on Bastille Day?

Ball of the Bastille,” 1790, Louis Le Coeur

Woman’s Evening Dress: Bodice and Skirt,” 1850-55, Artist/maker unknown, French

Fan,” 1905-10, Alexandre

Bag,” 1920, Artist/maker unknown, Austrian

Woman’s Shoes,” 1895, Label Alexander, New York

Bouquet Holder,” 1850, Artist/maker unknown, French

Bracelet,” 1849,  Artist/maker unknown, French

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